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Meet your Photo and Video Dream Team

Catholic Wedding Videography

Photography and Videography Team


Florida native with a love for all things video and nutrition, David enjoys learning new skills and talking all things nutrition. He has an amazing talent at looking for those in-the-moment details of weddings that bring character and emotion to every video.

As a Catholic Wedding Videographer, his goal is to use his talent to showcase the raw emotion behind each couple's wedding day in a way that brings out Christ's love and the beauty of the sacrament (the vows, the Consecration, the mass, homily, etc.).

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Catholic Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Your experience with both of us as photographer and videographer reflects on the same company. Someone can mean well but often their focus can be more on their own company and they are not necessarily thinking of the other vendor. Whereas we both deeply care about each others side of business because we are relying on each other and working together.

We Have The Same Goals

Catholic Wedding Videographer
Catholic Wedding Photographer

We KNOW Each Other

I have helped David as a second shooter for his videography and he has assisted me with photos so we are very familiar with how each side of the business works. More than that we are married and know each other better then anyone. We know how to communicate efficiently and effectively all while getting what you need for beautiful photos and a beautiful video. 

Catholic Wedding Photographer

We Pose With Video In Mind

In our photography we prefer lots of movement to create genuine and authentic connections in your photographs which works out great for video. Not all photographers do though, some prefer more still posing which adds more time to your wedding day to get a beautiful highlight video. Of course we'll make time for posed portraits but as a team we both prefer lots of natural movement so we can capture your love in a real way.

Catholic Wedding Photographer
Catholic Wedding Photographer
Catholic Wedding Photographer
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